Hey, Saint Peter: Foundation Chain

I was surprised to finish A Hazy Shade of Winter so fast, considering it was knit. And I was wrong; I had four skeins left in that bin: 2 Noro and these two Wendy Peter Pan Double Knit. Because I am overdue on a crochet project, I chose the Wendy to make a scarf real quick.

Unfortunately, my desire to learn new things has sabotaged my progress once again. The waistcoat stitch – also known as Split Single Crochet (ssc) and Knit Stitch – worked in rows, is very exacting. AND I am still not getting the desire effect. I don’t care…I would call it the Pigeon Stitch because my Vs are not lining up despite my careful crochet into the center of the stitch.

My research included watching way too many videos on YouTube. My search term “Waistcoat Stitch Rows.”

Winner! Winner! No Chicken Dinner for the ad. Really? I reaffirm my hate for the greed capitalism breeds.

Easy Tutorial: How to do the Waistcoat stitch AKA the “Knit” stitch (original video)
– must watch: ad, @ 8:39 she addresses edge stitch in rows

I need to practice a bit more, after watching the videos in detail. However, I am ninety-nie percent sure that I am doing it right. So why don’t my Vs line up? Hmm.

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