ESSS 2018 World Wide Knit In Public Day

El Segundo Slipt Stitchers decided to congregate at the Starbucks in El Segundo, California from 10:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m., today, June 9, 2018.

I met many members that I had not previously known, got to know some more familiar members a little better and enjoyed the company of members I normally hang with. It was a sunny day with a nice breeze. By the time the last hour had arrived, the sun was directly overhead, warming our chilled bodies.

Click and image for enlargement / slide show

An interesting thing happened while we were there; we were approached by Alicia King, a blogger from Camas, Washington, who was interested in community activities, and her friend Hillary Johnson. We educated her about the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers and shared our photo album with her. She informed us that she would be doing a blog post about us on her blog: JustAGirlInCamas; Facebook:

Click and image for enlargement / slide show

Author: A Hooker's World

Fiber artist, designer and instructor with over 30 years crochet experience and about 10 years knit experience.

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