Deep Sleep: Recipe

CSNanaCat asked me how to make the crochet continuous square. Luckily for her, I know how to make one in single crochet. My double crochet attempts still need work because they keep bowing. I am pretty sure, it is because my corners are missing some stitches.

Here is the shorthand directions for making a crochet continuous square in single crochet

Round 1: ch 2. 8 sc in first chain. ss to close round.

Round 2: ch 1,

sc in same stitch; (sc, ch2, sc) in next stitch;
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
sc, (sc, ch2, sc),
ss to close round

Round 3 and on: sc across sides, and (sc, ch2, sc) in every corner…repeat to desired size

Caution: make sure you get the first single crochet after every (sc, ch2, sc)

Otherwise, the pattern is pretty straightforward.


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