Money Can’t Buy It: On da Hook

Good morning crocheters and knitters!

Yesterday had I not had my new project – Money Can’t Buy It – with me, I would have most likely had a nervous breakdown.

My day started by going to the wrong address for my housing appointment. Using Uber, I really can’t afford extra trips, especially when they are during peak periods, and I find it hard to tolerate Uber pool riders that feel the car is there personal vanity. Practicing tolerance, I did not engage him at all.

Surprisingly, Housing Authority of the County of Los Angeles (HACLA) is very efficient and I was out in time to make my psychological appointment. However, I encountered the rudest driver on the way to my doctor’s office, who wanted me to exit his vehicle because I questioned the destination. I only questioned him because we were heading south and west when my destination was actually north and east. Ultimately, I don’t think he was aware that I was a contract ride through insurance, not Joe Schmoe who called Lyft on their own.

So, three squares later, I am on my way to making a bag/purse; most likely, for me. So…Money Can’t Buy It.

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