The Name

Pain by Oingo Boingo

So bored and on the verge of an emotional breakdown from the PAIN this tongue lesion is causing: emotional: don’t know what lesion is, or cause and physical: inability to eat or monitor my saliva.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 10-inch diameter x 5-inch width

Charity donation.

Crocheted in single crochet just to use up this awful stuff, although crochet was probably not the intended manufacturing purpose.

I’ll admit I got sloppy. My tails are unraveling and obvious. I don’t care. If it is not appreciated it can be discarded without my knowledge and the world will continue to spin.

The Yarn

Unknown Ribbon

Content: Natural Fiber, per burn test
Color: [Off-white+]
Weight: Unknown

The last of the ribbon yarn. I figured why not get rid of it altogether.


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