Square Pegs

The Name

Square Pegs by The Waitresses

Wow! This takes me back. Remember the television show? I thought it was so cool that The Waitresses were performing the theme song. Anyway, “square” motifs = “square” pegs.

The Squares

They are supposed 12-inch squares. The one with the bigger red field is; the other is 12 inches x 11 inches, depending on which axis I stretched last…AIYAA! I blame this on the different weights of yarn I used.

The scary part is that I may be the next candidate for early-stage dementia; I could not – for the life of me – remember how to make the squares in this pattern. That’s why the spine is so pronounced; I was ending each row with the old and new yarn to close up the holes.

Finally, and again, because I used different weights, one is 45 stitches square while the second is 43 stitches square.

The Yarn

Unknown Mixed Content from a bag o’ scraps.

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