Killer Queen

Killer Queen

The Name

Killer Queen by Queen

Formerly known as Magnificent Seven until I realized a killer queen would be more likely to employ a henchman that would actually have cause to wear an executioner’s hood.

The Hood

Dimensions: 26-inch width x 23.5-inch height

I have been wanting a hood for a long time, as it keeps me warm during these freezing months in my un-insulated home. And this one certainly works just fine for me. I had started a project like this previously, but I had started at the neck and it was not snug, and an ugly color, and I just didn’t like it, and I finally donated to charity. Anyway, I started this one with the hood which I intentionally made extra deep and big. I used the moss stitch because I really like that one.

The collar was a bit tricky, not knowing whether to start from the beginning of a standard circle formula or to work into the circle pattern, as if continuing. I made the right choice in continuing, but only complicated things by trying to continue working in moss stitch. Working one side removed all the desired texture. Did the last row in half-double-crochet, hoping to round the points and relieve the curl.

The collar is a different color, as I had been working with scrap yarn to get the design down.

The Yarn

Lion Brand Homespun
Color: 386 Grape; Content: 98% Acrylic, 2% Polyester; Weight: 5, Bulky

The collar is most likely Homespun also, but without a label, I can’t be sure.

Killer Queen

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