You Can’t Stop The Beat

The Name

You Can’t Stop The Beat performed by Nikki Blonsky, et al from Hairspray 2007 Original Soundtrack

Ironic that this hat should be for a baby, infant.

The Skully

Dimensions: 6 (D) x 5 (W) x 18 (C) inches
Pattern: Simplicity Beanie by Ashley Leither Designs

Different in that the crown was based on a multiple of seven…single crochets! First beanie crocheted in half double crochet.

The Yarn

Unknown Black
Color: Ebony*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

Unknown Green
Color: Emerald*; Content: Acrylic**; Weight: 4, Worsted***

* Named by Hooker Leo
** Presumed by Hooker Leo
*** Estimated by Hooker Leo

Author: A Hooker's World

Fiber artist, designer and instructor with over 30 years crochet experience and about 10 years knit experience.

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