Handmade Hat Giveaway!


Don’t know why I am feeling the urge to communicate, but let’s just “get back Honky Cat.

I have been dealing with a creative block lately, leaving me to rely on patterns to keep my mind busy, but it also provides for more free time to goof off doing – literally – doing nothing…such a waste.

Anyway, having donated 17 items to 2 charities today, I feel prompted to get back to something I set in motion…I owe someone a hat!

You'll Lose A Good ThingAbout two weeks ago my nephew came to visit with his family. I remembered that my niece had suggested making hats and that I had a whole bunch. I offered them as many as they wanted or would fit. My niece had picked up on the same sexual, subliminal message with You’ll Lose A Good Thing and we had shared a chuckle; even more so when that was the hat the fit my grand nephew the best. An interesting thing is that at eye level, the top portion is not even visible.

So after they left, they went to Home Depot and sent us this pic via phone. Picking up from another previous conversation, I came up with the name for this color: Home Depot Orange. More laughs.

Another Day

My niece also took Feel The Spin, Free Nelson Mandela and I Shall Believe. I just heard from her yesterday that her mother doesn’t take Free Nelson Mandela off and her sister loves Feel The Spin…so much I am going to make her another in stripes like Another Day, though I am inclined to try vertical stripes and change the pattern slightly for shaping.

Rata De Dos Patas was taken by my brother. It fit him well with the brim folded up; I only had to sew in two ends.

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