The Name

Communicate by The B-52’s

Random pick from music library. It is a coincidence that I have been questioning my communication skills and my ability to get my point across. Communication is also a nod to how this cowl was made: via video tutorial.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 81 (C) x 6 (W) inches
Destination: Charity

This is my first time entrelac knitting. I found a video tutorial on YouTube: Entrelac in the Round / Seamless Entrelac by IKnitWithCatFur. I remember trying entrelac when I began knitting and could not get into the stitches, so gave up. With all my experience knitting, this time was pretty easy.

The plan was to use all three cakes, but I was not confident the cowl would sustain the height, as I had cast on 30-20 stitches more than I usually would for a snug cowl. I did this to make sure the stitches spanned the 24-inch circular I was using.

The Yarn

Unknown. I received three cakes from CSNanaCat. Man-made fiber, per burn test. Multicolor, including red, green, blue and pink.

Author: A Hooker's World

Fiber artist, designer and instructor with over 30 years crochet experience and about 10 years knit experience.

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