Birdhouse In Your Soul

The Name

Birdhouse In Your Soul by They Might Be Giants

Interesting random selection from my music library that was playing as I began to record this project. Interesting in that the opening lyrics made me think of preemies, having seen a news story recently about a half-pound preemie born in China; and who reportedly is doing well now.

The Preemie Skullies

Sizes: 4 Preemie Skullies + 1 Half-Preemie Skully
Destination: Charity

The half-preemie skully (But I am) came out a bit smaller, but in honor of the half-pound preemie, I rationalize that it may find an owner…it could happen!

The yarns are all man-made fibers, per a burn test. I need to hook up my printer so that I can print laundry-care labels.

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