Boom Boom

The Name

Boom Boom by Justice Crew

Boom boom and then there were five. Yikes! I had to use my memory to remember how I even heard of this music…I think it was America’s Got Talent; I like that show.

The Skullies

Size: 3-6 months
Destination: Charity

Again, all hats crocheted using half-double-crochets, except where single crochet was required to make crown measurement. Numbered from one to five, left to right:

Hat One: Yarn 1, double-stranded Yarn 2, Yarn 3
Hat Two: Cascade Pacific Color Wave
Hat Three: Yarn 1 & 3
Hat Four: double-stranded Yarn 2
Hat Five: Yarn 3

The Yarns

Cascade Pacific Color Wave
Color: 305; Content: 60% Acrylic,40% Merino Wool; Weight: 4, Worsted

Unknown Yarn 1
Color: Berry Multicolor (Pink, Lavender, Navy Blue, Forest Green, Maroon, Wine Red); Content: Unknown; Weight: 4, Worsted

Unknown Yarn 2
Color: Multicolor (Camel, Plum, Cyan, Lime Green); Content: Unknown; Weight: 1, Fingering

Unknown Yarn 3
Color: Multicolor (Gold, Green, Blue, Black, Maroon); Content: Unknown; Weight: 4, Worsted

All yarns were a destash from CSNanaCat.

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