Springtime For Hitler

The Name

Springtime For Hitler from The Producers

I’ll admit, I went searching for the proper name because I had to use a “spring” song title for this cowl in cyan blue, lime and forest greens, fuschia and white.

And I don’t care if you find the name non-politically correct, racist,¬†just fucking wrong or anything else you can throw at me.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 10.5 (W) x 9 (H) inches
Destination: Charity

The stitch pattern is my own creation. I am surprised that the bottom edge is different than the top edge despite same stitches.

I used the information for a super bulky yarn label to cast on forty stitches on an US 11 needle.

The Yarn

Another unlabeled ball of yarn from CSNanaCat. Man-made, per burn test. As I was not sure how far it would go, I chose a snug cowl. I probably had enough leftover for one more row, and look at that as more estimating experience.

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