Raindrops: Off da Hook

The Name

Raindrops by Dee Clark

I always try to find a song title that will relate to my project. When I received this bag of wool embroidery unicorn tails (raindrops) from the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers knitting guild last month; the idea: to create a storm.

The Scarves

Destination: Charity
Dimensions: 3.5-6 inches wide x 60-80 inches long
Hook: US H-Hook (5.0 mm)

The stitch used on three was crochet moss stitch, while one was back loop half-double crochets, one was crochet seed stitch, and the final was single crochet.

The Yarns

Persian Needlepoint & Crewel Wool by Bucilla
Colors: Various; Content: 100% Virgin Wool

Merribee 3-Ply Persian
Color: 146 Very Lt. Spring Green; Content: 100% Wool

Paragon by Peri-Lusta
Colors: Various; Content: 100% Wool

Laine Colbert DMC (Dollfus-Mieg & Cie.)
Color: Various;

Color: Various; Content: 100% Wool

Paterna Persian Yarn
Color: Various; Content: 100% Virgin Wool

There was one other label that I had saved, but it is shorter, indicating a two label tail; and of course, I kept the wrong label half. Great yarns that feel so soft, I am tempted to keep a scarf for myself.

Raindrops crocheted/designed by Hooker Leo, A Hooker’s World


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