When Doves Cry

When Doves CryThe Name

When Doves Cry by Prince

I went to visit a friend in San Juan Capistrano. My only thought was: I get to finally visit Yarn del Sol, a place I heard about on Facebook. The whole time I was there, my friend kept singing “Purple rain,” just those two words. Yarn. Since the shawl is not purple, I chose When Doves Cry, from the same movie soundtrack.

When Doves Cry

The Shawl

Dimensions: 63-inch wingspan x 15.5-inch depth
Pattern: Debut by The Yarn Juice ∙ Katiuscia Bayslak

Everything was going swell until I pulled my project out of my project bag and one of the needles snag the yarn about two sections down. I am already angry knitting, so I just pulled it to the back and continued.

It’s been a while since I followed a pattern. Thankfully, this one was pretty easy (repeating sections), which allowed me to make it a little bigger, using more of the yarn.

When Doves Cry

The Yarns

Cascade Cherub DK
Colors: 01 White, 08 Baby Blue & 55 Dark Denim; Content: 55% Nylon, 45% Acrylic; Weight: 3, DK

When we arrived at the yarn store, my friend saw a shawl made from Nako Fiore (40% Manufactured Fibers – Rayon from Bamboo, 35% Cotton, 25% Cellulose – Linen / Flax; Weight: DK). She asked me to make it for her, but there was no Nako Fiore available in the store, so we had to find a substitute in her desired colors.

Unfortunately, the only thing we found was the Cascade. I found the Cascade Cherub DK to be an awful yarn: I pulled out five knotted messes from center pull, and the yarn is so fine it is splitty.

When Doves Cry

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