What Have I Done To Deserve This?

My visiting cousin from Texas, Irma, asked if I could increase the size of this “lapghan” that her mother/grandmother had crocheted long ago – I could tell when my US I/9 (5.5 mm) hook was splitting some felting that had begun to occur…on the an acrylic yarn!


Okay, so now that I have a plan…a schematic, I know exactly how I am going to accomplish this: as the rainbow represents her colorful beginning, I am going to surround the original with crochet seed stitch, representing clouds. I have designed in strips to avoid too much distortion on the original piece; and I have positioned the original piece nearer to the corner to allow for any potential sentimental personal connection snuggling that may ┬ábe occurring, and finally, diagonal placement would allow for maximum coverage, to include my cousin’s cold feet…in Texas!

I had asked my cousin to give me measurements, something, not just “can you make this bigger?” I need to know how much bigger. “I don’t know.” In the end, I had to measure and by asking the right questions, finally got a plan.

I started yesterday adding more double crochets, with a Caron One Pound I had in my stash. I already knew I would be increasing the size in white, so the original piece would stand out. I had to stop due to the perfumy scent that kept invading my nostrils. I already have a problem with phantom smells, so this was very annoying. I deigned the afghan be washed before I continued. Looking back, I suppose my attitude could have been better, as I feel I might have insulted Irma by throwing it in the washing saying it needed to be laundered.

And when I see my dad pulling it out of the washer and it is crinkly, I just about died. I just hope the original piece still has enough elasticity to spring back into the proper shape I had seen it in yesterday. As a security, I had to plan this out and I think crochet seed stitch may be he the most forgiving.

What Have I Done To Deserve This? Schematic

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