The Name

Control by Janet Jackson

A nod to the perfect tension – finally! – creating a light of fabric with squishy – this is good – texture and flowing drape.

The Cowl

Destination: Interval House
Dimensions: 32-inch diameter x 4-inch width

Foundation chain of eighteen, on an US H-hook (5.0 mm), and crocheted in back loops, throughout, slip stitching ends together.

The Yarns

All unlabeled scrap donations to the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers knitting guild. I simply reached into the bag and took the next ball; random color scheme. Closer examination revealed likeness between color, so I presumed Control is made of entirely one yarn, different colors. The texture of the yarn has that squishiness I associate with micro fiber yarns.

Colors included: Light Orange, Light Cyan, Blue, Lavender, Grey, and Natural.

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