After Dark

The Name

After Dark by Pattie Brooks

Random, “dark” selection from my music library, attributable by the colors in this shawl. Another reference was my comment made during construction, “not liking Noro colors, but pushing through the darkness.” I think naming this project may have improved my perspective towards this project, as I loved this song when I first heard it.

After Dark
After Dark

The Shawl

Dimensions: 60-Inch wingspan x 28-inch depth
Destination: Interval House

I also think that after photographing the shawl in light also improved my perspective, improving my visual of the bright hues within the dark colors.

After Dark
After Dark

The Yarn

Noro Cash Island
Color: 6; Content: 60% Wool, 30% Cashmere, 10% Nylon; Weight: Unknown

Normally, I would be a fan of the purple, blue, green scheme, but this is too dark for my liking. It was suggested by another crafter that it might be the method/construction technique that was influencing my opinion and he was absolutely right…though I was only about halfway through at that moment. Now that I can see all colors through photography, my like is increased.

After Dark
After Dark


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