Dulce Amor

Dulce Amor
Dulce Amor

The Name

Dulce Amor by Gloria Estefan

Random selection from my music library while searching for a song title referring to the ocean, sea or other water body, as that is the provocation the colors evoked in me.

The Shawl

Dimensions: 35-inch wingspan x 13-inch depth
Destination: Interval House

I only wish I had more of these yarns because this shawl is to small for my enjoyment. Because it is so small, I may try gifting it to one of the miniature old ladies at my guild that I love. I like it too much to donate it, but will if there are no takers.

2019-08-18: Update
I have since discovered a pattern for a shawligan (shawl + cardigan), for kids, on Ravelry. According to her sizing chart: a 36-inch width fits an 18/24-month-old. So again, I say if there are homeless mothers, there are homeless babies with a sense of style.

The Yarns

Both yarns were unlabeled and tape/ribbon yarns. At one time, I had much of the white yarn; I had used up most of it on Get Off Of My Cloud. As for the multicolor yarn, I only had the one cake.

I remember the white ribbon yarn being a natural fiber. I was hoping the other would be also, but it is a man-made fiber.

Dulce Amor
Dulce Amor

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