Wave Cowl

The Name

Wave by Oscar Peterson

Relating to the color of this cowl.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 21-inch diameter x 5-inch width
Destination: Interval House
Hook Size: US H Hook

Width does not include six-inch seam…grr! This cowl was stitched using broomstick lace: also known as jiffy lace and peacock eye crochet, is a historic crochet technique from the 19th century which is done using a crochet hook and another long slender item: nowadays, a knitting needle; traditionally: a broomstick was used, hence the name.

This is the second time attempting this technique; the first I gave up on experiencing difficulty with such a large needle and such a small hook. It was very easy this time, due to experience.

The Yarn

Cascade Pacific Color Wave
Color: 305; Content: 60% Acrylic, 40% Merino Wool; Laudry: Machine Dry, Machine Wash, Superwash; Weight: 4, Worsted Weight

I finally made something with a long gradient repeat; I like it.

Wave: Detail

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