Royals: Hot Off The Needles

The Name

Royals by Lorde

A random selection from my music library, intended for a different project that did not work well with the yarn.

The Shawl

Dimensions: 33-inch wingspan x 8-inch depth
Destination: Interval House
Pattern: Lincoln Road by Sherrill Roy
Needle: US 10

As you can see mine looks nothing like her’s. Of course, I didn’t block mine, as it is mostly acrylic. Then there is the business of the yarn. Oh well, at least it had short rows; now I can share with Nuts4Fiber in October.

The pattern is simple and interesting, as it begins with lace. Because there is a chart, I practiced my chart reading skills and succeeded. My annoyances with this pattern include issues which were not intuitive to me: Repeat lace pattern 20 times, does not mean to me that I am to include the first lace pattern, leaving me to tink twelve rows. Additionally, short row instructions should indicate that you are to include the original number, unless this is a given of which knowledge I have yet to attain.

Ultimately, I am not happy that mine does not look anything like her’s in that she has a nice swoop and I have Quasimodo! Though, I only lost my stitch count once!

I forgot to add that I had to break into a second skein just for the bind off! Grrr!

Click for enlargement

The Yarn

Phildar International Palmares 207
Color: Vert Chine*; Content: 80% Acrylic, 20% Wool; Weight: 3, DK Weight*

Click for enlargement

* Per Ravelry

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