Andy, You’re A Star: Off da Hook

The Name

Andy, You're A Star
Andy, You’re A Star: Yarn Color Sample

Andy, You’re A Star by The Killers

The name was based on the known name of the pattern: Starlight afghan.¬†Starlight..Andy, You’re A Star, though I might suggest Leo, You’re A Star to The Killers.

The Afghan

Dimensions: 42 x 42 inches
Destination: Interval House or T. Noval
Hook: US I/9 Hook (5.5 mm)

A woman had posted a picture in my Facebook Nothing, But Crochet group newsfeed, indicating the name of the pattern was Starlight afghan. I started a search for a chart or pattern, but was unable to locate, so I improvised.

The Yarn

Phildar International Palmares 207 (discontinued)
Color: Vert Chine; Content: 20% Wool, 80% Acrylic; Weight: 3, DK Weight

I used nine skeins. The afghan is crocheted using double crochets. As like everything I’ve been making lately, this was headed to charity until my friend saw it and expressed a desire to possess it; of course my memory sucks, but I think there was a mention of compensation.

Andy, You're A Star
Andy, You’re A Star



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