3 x 5

The Name

3 x 5 by John Mayer

Three hats x five scarves! All for charity.

Project 1: Blue/Orange Scarf

Dimensions: 58 x 4 inches
Pattern: Handmade Especially For You
Destination: Handmade Especially For You

This was a cake that I found in the recent destash from CSNanaCat. I loved the orange against that blue and started with this unknown cake. As I progressed into the cake, I discovered that it was a kit from Handmade Especially For You: double-stranded worsted weight blue with blue multicolor including orange-red, green, plum and blue with orange fun fur at the tips.

Project 2: Yellow/Purple-tipped Scarf

Dimensions: 58 x 4 inches
Pattern: Handmade Especially For You
Destination: Interval House

I made this scarf with part of a triple-sport-weight-stranded magic ball I had created, adding purple fuzzy glitter sport weight yarn at the tips.

Project 3: White/Yellow-tipped Scarf

Dimensions: 52 x 4 inches
Pattern: Handmade Especially For You
Destination: Interval House

From the same magic ball of triple-stranded sport weight yarns. On the tips I used a very soft furry yarn, cinching because the width was almost twice as wide.

Project 4: Chemotherapy Cap

Size: Adult
Pattern: Original Design
Destination: Interval House

Made using up the fuzzy yarn previously used for the tips of the white yellow-tipped scarf.

3 x 5

Project 5: Red Newborn Skully

Pattern: Little Bitty Noggin Cap by Andee Graves
Size: Newborn
Destination: Interval House

Still left with some triple-stranded sport weight yarn, I tried to crochet a cowl in seed stitch, but did not have enough. Left it, hoping to finish at a later date. When I was looking for a project name, I decided to make a baby hat, knowing I would have enough. The Little Bitty Noggin Cap was easy enough to convert to bulky weight yarn.

Project 6: Crocodile Chenille Scarf

Pattern: Handmade Especially For You
Dimensions: 66 x 4 inches
Destination: Interval House

I went stash diving to see what unlabeled fun fur I possessed to make more scarves. I found the green and it matches some of the destash from CSNanaCat. I named it Crocodile Chenille because of the colors and the green yarn I used kept being perceived as chenille. The scarf was knitted to the length of the green worsted weight yarn’s skein. I began with triple-stranded green fun fur, green worsted, and green/grey multicolor tape yarn. When I ran out of green/grey multicolor, I changed to lavender/purple tape, finishing with green fun fur.

Project 7: Salamander Scarf

Pattern: Handmade Especially For You
Dimension: 78 x 3.5 inches
Destination: Interval House

Length based on full skein of  Martifil Pompei (Color: F1504; Content: 55% Cotton; 45% Acrylic; Weight: 3, DK Weight, Light Worsted Weight), the yellow yarn, double-stranded with green glitter fuzzy sport weight yarn. Ran out of the green fun fur at the end, so attached blue.

3 x 5

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