Spin, Spin Sugar: Bind Off

The Name

Spin, Spin, Sugar by Sneaker Pimps

There could not be a more appropriate project name for this shawl, started back in 2014, as a test of the pattern for a friend.

Spin, Spin Sugar

The Shawl

Dimensions: 24-inch depth x 56-inch wingspan
Destination: Interval House
The Pattern: Daystar Shawl by Francois Stewart Designs
The Needle: US 8

I must’ve started this shawl a total of ten times or more; in the beginning, not enough skill. Even today, I know there are mistakes and the spine looks so sloppy. Even as torturous as this shawl was, I am kind of feeling like making another with better results, maybe with a stretchy yarn. The pattern called for beads, which I did not possess.

Believe it or not, I could not keep my stitch count’s even on either side, and this was during the first stockinette field. The mystery lace section went smoothly enough. I did not realize there was a difference between a Star stitch and a star increase stitch, so I lost many stitches there. The ending stars don’t line up because of this.

Spin, Spin Sugar

The Yarn

Glen Raven Glen Spun White
Color: Natural; Content: Acrylic; Weight: Unknown

I got this cone, either from Newton’s Yarn Country or the El Segundo Slipt Stitchers knitting guild raffle. I barely made a dent. I think I will take back to the guild for someone else to use.

Spin, Spin Sugar





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