Take A Chance (On Me)

The Name

Take A Chance (On Me) by Waterfront Home

As I was linking Crazy Over You yesterday, I noticed Take A Chance in the “suggested fr you” column. It stood out because I can almost remember the night I heard it for the first time. I was on dance floor in a club in – I want to say Long Beach – and I remember when I asked the performer name/song title, I had been a little confused at hearing “Waterfront Home.” Waterfront always brings to mind the club The Waterfront – from Miami? Too much alcohol and drugs, but lots of joy and fun dancing the night away.

Take A Chance (On Me)

The Cowl

Dimensions: 21-inch height x 10.5-inch width
Destination: my neck for a week or so, and then Interval House
Needle: US 15 Needle

Think it might be just a tad too high, but it is soft enough that one can squish it down below their neck (see last photo). I accidentally sews my tails into the right side. Aiyaa!

Take A Chance (On Me)

The Recipe

Based on the amount of Lion Brand I had left – half to less-then-half – I started with Lion cast on and first pass. Next I knitted Caron to just about halfway of my diameter. I then reintroduced the Lion – 1 pattern row of garter, randomly through the Caron, until both exhausted. I finished with Caron and seaming with it as well. Sew in any tails; I carried yarn up to four passes.

Take A Chance (On Me)

The Yarn

Lion Brand Hometown USA
Color: 153 Oakland Black; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 6, Super Bulky Weight

Caron Chunky Cake
Color: 17007 Blue Moon; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 6, Super Bulky Weight

Lion Brand a truer Super Bulky Weight; Caron more like a 5, Bulky Weight. So sides of Take A Chance (On Me) are not linear, nor parallel. Not noticed so much when wearing.

Take A Chance (On Me)

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