Younger Than Springtime

The Name

Younger Than Springtime performed by John Kerr (Lieutenant Cable) from South Pacific [Original Soundtrack]

I searched my music library for “cable” and Lieutenant Cable from South Pacific came up. Also, some of my selfies came out kind of cheeky, making me think of a spring lamb.

Younger Than Springtime

The Cowl

Dimensions: 12-inch diameter x 11-inch height
Needle Size: US 10 Needle, 24-inch circular


CO 83, join in-round.

P 2 rows

K 6, P1 for 6 rows

CF3, P1 every 7th row to desired height

 K 6, P1 for 6 rows

P 2 rows


Having recently refreshed my crochet cabling skills, I decided to refresh my knit cabling skills by modifying my first cable project to a this cowl. Not sure if this will be purchased; if not, I then am not sure whether I want to donate, or not. I fits my neck nicely, feels warm and cozy.

Younger Than Springtime

The Yarn

Lineapiu’ Italia S.p.a.
Color: 79366 NeroBlu; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown

This is the same yarn I used on Supermassive Black Hole, and I still have some on the cone!

Younger Than Springtime

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