Breaking Us In Two

The Name

Breaking Us In Two by Joe Jackson

Wow! Another project name lamenting my murdered attempts at amor! I began by searching “two,” as I have two items. Breaking Us In Two is one of two songs that I could’ve chosen, but I don’t know the other song. Stupid V!

The Skully & The Cowl

Cowl Dimensions: 13-inch diameter x 10-inch height
Skully Dimensions: 23-inch circumference x #-inch height
Destination: Interval House

The cowl is 80 stitches on a US 10 Needle, knit in-the-round, in a 1 x 1 rib. The skully is crocheted with a US K Hook (10.5) in double crochet, brim in post double crochet. I don’t have any more room in my drawer, so I must give to charity. While they are being featured together, they may be separated down the line.

The Yarn

Lineapiu’ Italia S.p.a.
Color: 79366 NeroBlu; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown

And I still have some left on the cone. Donate or use it up?

Breaking Us In Two

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