Walk Alone: Bind Off

The Name

Walk Alone by Jack Johnson

Random pick and of course, I can relate it to V. I must re-learn to walk alone. Ironically, someone else’s desire was my inspiration to knit a skully…V’s specialty!

Walk Alone

The Skully

Dimensions: 9-inch diameter x 9-inch height
Destination: Gift

Without saying too much I needed a matching hat for a cowl, for a gift. Surprisingly, I must’ve confused two patterns and ended up with a perfectly fit skully! This regards the first lyrics of the song Walk Alone: “Who’s to say he’s not the gifted one?” Now I am making a second and have a recipe for the perfect bulky skully.

I used a 1 x 1 rib, but realized the uneven decreases between stitches. The next one will be worked in a 2 x 2 rib. Though, ribbing doesn’t really matter with this uneven weight type of yarn.

When I got to the top I used two circulars; thankfully, I remember how to work that method.

Walk Alone

The Yarn

Lineapiu’ Italia S.p.a.
Color: 79366 NeroBlu; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown +

I’ve been using US 10 Needles and US 10.5 Needles and a US K Hook with this yarn on all my projects, so I would put the weight at bulky.

I just now realize that the weight correlates to the larger tufts in this uneven-weight yarn.

Still have some left.

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