Into The Unknown

The Name

Into The Unknown by Panic! At The Disco

Because I added the white brushed acrylic and because it is freezing in my domicile, I wanted a cold name. As another Frozen 2 commercial played on television and while I am not a fan, here was the perfect opportunity to use the song from the movie, and get it out of my universe. And lucky that I am, I found an alternative version to Idina Menzel’s, screeching.

The Skully

Dimensions: 10.5-inch diameter x 10-inch height
Destination: Interval House

Having successfully completed Walk Alone, I ventured into knit skully making. This time to I double-stranded the white brushed acrylic with the Lineapiu’ Italia S.p.a. to bulk up the yarn weight. This might have been more successful, except for double-needle cast-on and extremely loose knitting. Walk Alone was 62 stitches and one strand and it was smaller and fit more snuggly. This have is more like a slipcover for a big ol’ head.

Into The Unknown

The Yarn

Lineapiu’ Italia S.p.a.
Color: 79366 NeroBlu; Content: Acrylic, per burn test; Weight: Unknown

Color: Natural; Content: Acrylic; Weight: Unknown


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