Do I Wanna Know

The Name

Do I Wanna Know? by Arctic Monkeys

This was originally named Baby, It’s Cold Outside, but I had used that name previously, so I changed it to Do I Wanna Know?, a nod to possible yarn shortage for this project, as this is my second time making this cowl; this time, with the correct size needles.

The Cowl

Dimensions: 18-inch bottom diameter / 16-inch top diameter x 14-inch height
Pattern: Cozy Cable Cowl by Purl Soho
On The Needles: November 6-29, 2019
Needle Size: US 15 Needle

I thought working with this yarn was going to be easy because it is so big, but I struggled, especially when it came to cabling time. The cowl is a bit more stiffer than I had expected and I am know to knit more loosely than some. I kind of like it for myself because I get that cold in my room!

The truth about me comes out on this project. I don’t really want to just donate this project, having just laid out the money for the yarn during a sale…compulsive shopping. I can’t donate because I feel I am throwing money out the window, instead of feeling like giving a gift to an unknown person. I suppose the throwing money away is because I am not benefitting from the pleasure of my expense. Yet, how many items do I keep making for myself? I wish the few people I knew would remark more on items they like, so I could just give the item to them and know that it went to someone who really liked the item. Oh well.

Good thing, I made my needle size mistake; I would not have had enough to finish the cowl, per the pattern, which would’ve added approximately another three inches to the height! I was attracted to the pattern for the cables, which I needed a refresher in, and because I was hoping for a softer, squishy cowl.

The Yarn

Ella Rae Mega
Color: 11 Royal Blue; Content: 100% Wool; Laundry: Dry Clean, Do Not Tumble Dry, Lay Flat, Do Not Bleach, Hand Wash in Cold Water; Weight: 6, Super Bulky

I loved it when I saw it. Working with it kinda changed my mind. Snagging fibers was my biggest complaint. I would need to knit on US 35 Needle to get the softness I wanted in this cowl. I suppose over time it will soften.

Knitter Notes

2019.11.26: restarting with only three cable repeats, versus pattern indication of four. Changed name from Drive to Do I Wanna Know? because it is more fitting with the question of yarn requirements and possible shortage.

209.11.24: frogged due to wrong needle size and fear that I don’t have enough yarn

2019.11.21: changed from Helvellyn by Lily Kate France to Cozy Cable Cowl by Purl Soho

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