Wedding Bell Blues

Wedding Bell Blues

The Name

Wedding Bell Blues by The Fifth Dimension

First selection to play when I started posting, and I could not help but think it was a very appropriate name, considering the big ol’ mistake right on the spine.

The Shawl

Dimensions: 62-inch wingspan x 27-inch depth
Destination: Interval House
Needle: US 13 Needle
On The Needles: December 4-5, 2019

Improvised design. I started with a K1, YO border and a garter stitch field. I changed to stockinette body because I figured on such big needles that there would be no curling. TRU’DAT! Then I wanted to incorporate some lace so I did a row of P2TOG, YO. Mistake…I prefer how I was incorporating a K2TOG, YO from the spine outward. At the end I wanted a garter border,  but was playing yarn chicken and only got four rows before I had to bind off.

Ultimately, I think my bind off was too tight, as the shawl curls up at the tip when held by either tip of its wingspan. In retrospect, had I just stuck to simple garter with standard increases, I might have ended up with a nicer shawl.

The Yarn

Unknown Red/Pink Double-Strand
Color: Unknown; Content: Red: Manufactured Fibers, per burn test; Pink: Natural Fiber, per burn test; Weight: Unknown





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