Do I Wanna Know [How To Hand Wash?]

Do I Wanna Know

So I am gifting Do I Wanna Know to someone for Xmas, and though I better wash to ensure no medicinal smoke residue on garment. I am not a fan of the cold so washing in cold water was not fun for my hands, which were already frozen to begin with.┬áSurprisingly, the soap came out of the garment and water fairly fast and easy. This cowl is so heavy when wet! I laid it flat outside on the wrought iron table so air could circulate through the garment for quicker drying. As thick as this wool is – I guess I am just so used to man-made fibers releasing water faster and more freely – this one is drying very slowly. I did not want to leave outside because I don’t want the garment to acquire more moisture from the cold evening, so I brought it inside and draped it. Hopefully, this will be dry tomorrow morning for wrapping.

Do I Wanna Know

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