Rapper’s Delight

The Name

Rapper’s Delight by The Sugarhill Gang

I only have two hip hop songs in my music library and I liked this one better than the other. The odd thing – at least, to me, is that I always thought of this as rap and even the group is classified as rap. However, I looked up hip hop artists, viewed a few videos on youtube and you know what, hip hop sounds just like rap. In my mind hip hop music should contain more melody for dancing, and this song definitely has a good beat to which you can dance!

Rapper's Delight

The Cowl

Dimensions: 19-inch height x 9.5-inch diameter
Destination: Charity

This was supposed to mirror Brokenhearted (11-inch diameter x 18-inch height), but I ran out of yarn to achieve the right size. As it is, it does fit my 23-inch head, but it would be better suited – in my opinion – a tall, adult woman. I was going for and 18-inch height; damn guage! The yarn label indicated ten stitches per four inches; apparently my 45-stitch cast-on, while correct per the yarn label, was excessive by five. Oh well!

Rapper's Delight

The Yarn

Berroco Hip Hop
Color: 7263; Content: 100% Wool; Weight: 6, Super Bulky

Wow! A gift from CSNanaCat, I was not even aware it was wool. Good thing it does not fit me well, otherwise I would keep it.

Rapper's Delight

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