Ray Gun

The Name

Ray Gun by The Bird And The Bee

One look at this hat and Ray Gun seemed to be appropriate a la the rays coming from the skully’s crown.

The Skully

Size: Adult (23-inch circumference)
Hook: US J
Destination: El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Charities

I had been pondering if I could accomplish this design, and was pleasantly pleased with this accomplishment. My only question is this: Is the hat high enough, compared to Life On Mars. The hat fits my head like a sleeve, but secure enough that I don’t worry about it slipping off. The brim comes to just above my eyebrows and covers my ears. I am pretty sure our ear / eye placement is relatively normal on all humans with comparably sized heads. However, hat’s I’ve seen crafted are longer, usually being folded up for a brim. I am not a brim fan; as such, I like my hats shorter.¬†Additionally, a brim would disrupt the design, so I stopped. On second though, maybe I should’ve used the entire skein.

Update: before posting, I sough a second opinion. I even got a third and everyone agreed to stop.

The Yarn

Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice
Color: 125 Taupe; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

I was surprised this yarn called for a J-hook, but I suppose it is more an aran weight yarn.

Ray Gun

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