Forget Me Nots

The Name

Forget Me Nots by Patrice Rushen

As a man, a trait I can’t shake is the ability to focus on one thing at a time; once again, I have confused names with projects. Aiyaa!

It’s funny how hearing this song triggers emotions of relative completeness from my tragic fantasy love affair with V, in comparison to memories of a more youthful hooker in search of an ever after love affair, still crying over another that got away! Wow! I’m impressed by my wryness to the the bitter end. Ha ha ha!

A little insight to my charitable hooking and the evils I must overcome.

Okay, I’ll stop.

The Skully

Size: Child (per HeartHookHome)
Destination: El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Charities

I finally did it! I made a child size hat and still have managed not to stretch it out by trying to put it over my big ol’ head…or have I? Ding-dang! I don’t remember. Oh well, I measured he crown and that makes it official. I have been striving to come up with a child size skully for a long time, but I suppose that might be a virtual impossibility when one considered my tension with worsted weight yarn. Well, another new trick for an old hooker.

And can I just thank Heart Hook Home, and The Crochet Crowd, either of which did the research for hat size determination, for their work, making my life easier.

The Yarn

Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece
Color: CW-115 Driftwood, Content: 80% Cotton %20 Merino Wool; Weight: 3, DK

Unknown Sandy Beach
Color: Unknown; Content: Unknown; Weight: Unknown

The Unknown Sandy Beach is a nod to my old friend Dimas, whom I encountered thirty years later, post a stroke, which resulted in a damaged memory. Back in the day Dimas acquired the nickname Sandy Pebbles, after a night of our indecent behaviour of cruising the beach after hours for sex with other men; Dimas had found much sand in his shorts and most likely still very drunk, we laughed at what we thought were copious amounts of sand he was distributing about the car. Perhaps a pebble fell out, my memory is not that great anymore – and that made us howl even more. Oh, by the way SS Sister (Sexy Slut Sisters) was there also – I being the other S, which is ironic because we were never sexy together. Sex at that time of my life was a new toy, especially with men, and at the youthful age of my early twenties, my friends and I were on the prowl.

It is a very stiff yarn, my guess linen. I’ve had this experience before with Holiday In Cambodia. I bet if I wash this it will felt. Oh wait, I can hand wash first, but I am not using cold water; it’s cold enough in my little freezer box residence.

Hooker Notes:

Hook: US G/6 Hook (4.0 mm)

Crocheted in half double crochet.

Forget Me Knots

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