Back in November 2018, I had the luxury of being an attendant at Stitches West with my friend KTia. At the show, I saw an old friend Norm, of Newton’s Yarn Country. He had these fabulous tubes of yarn (Fair Isle Yarn Liberty Craft Colors) that hat already been color coordinated. I bought three, thinking that would be enough to knit my Lenny Kravitz-inspired blanket scarf. I am pretty sure I began this project back then.

Not that it takes much to distract me, but I recently resumed this project and after nearing the completion of one tube, I am sorely lacking in my attempt to reach a length of 72 inches, at the very least.

The worst part: Norm does not have anymore of these fabulous tubes and I can’t find anything online, not that I would trust – nor am I a proponent of – online shopping. I think I may try and match colors in person. I am pretty sure CSNanaCat knows a Jo-Ann’s that has a significant color selection. Otherwise, I may resort to online color matching before trying to select other colors that would go with.


As it turned out, I found the yarn online, but I had to guess at the color-matching: Suede, Coffee, Walnut, Black, Charcoal and Vanilla. Yarn ordered and on the way.


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