Respect: WIP

I finally decided on my design scheme. I even took notes and measurements to keep me on track. I am using reversible cables so it does not matter what side I twist on, though, I am always twisting on the wrong side. One new cable skill is that I am twisting to the right on the right side and twisting to the left on the left side.

There was one feature I encountered research and development: twisted knit, which, to me, resembled a single cable. However, when I tried it, not know how to process the reverse, it did not look the same to me. I had purled on the reverse; maybe that is wrong.

Note: no stitch markers…haven’t messed up terribly yet…fingers crossed, but not while knitting.

Oh, and I must mention the yarn: Fair Isle Liberty; trying to find the center has resulted in pulling out about half the skein…three times now! Otherwise, loving the feel and sponginess.

Back to work…


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