Respect: Rolling In A Different Direction

Respect: Colorwave 3 0313
Respect: Colorwave 3

I can’t wait for my blanket scarf to be done. The yarn is so soft and cushy and warm and cozy.

While my measurements do not match my old diagram, and because I don’t remember the measurements the last time I measured, and now the table is too cluttered to clear. And the truth is that I am just too lazy.

Anyways, this is the color scheme I ended up choosing based on my last measurements; due to a little recall, I remember estimating the remaining knitting would exceed my desired length, which would be more to my liking…now, if it ever was different.

Unlike the diagram, I am hoping to end in black – for balance, symmetry – and in pattern. I am in the middle of the last color transition and it is harder for me to maintain focus; the dark yarn does not help – rolling my eyes in the back of my head!

Some of the things I’m not liking is the way the garter sides fold back, most likely due to the ribs on the sides of the cables.

Oh no! Do I see another mistake…way down below on the left? Aiyaa!


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