Blood And Roses: Practice

Blood And Roses

This is Blood And RosesI hesitated when it came to making this project, and this ain’t even the actual project; it’s a practice. Blood And Roses is an accurate name for this project, for the blood labor I expelled working on this project I did not want to make. Trudging every day to just do the smallest portion of this project was mentally grueling. I actually discovered my aversion to the project lay in the lack of motor control in my hands due to neuropathy, which makes working with all the small pieces more difficult.

My cousin asked me to make her TWO flower scarves. I am not a fan of putting pieces together so my mind is totally against this project. So much so, that I finished Respect before I even picked up the practice version of the crochet flower scarf.

So I would make a flower here and there, until I finally learned how to roll them up. Once I got that knowledge, I made all the flowers and buds. Pink flowers were from scrap yarn from my stash. Next I worked on the sepals, customizing for the buds, which requires more fine tuning. Then I remembered that I needed some leaves. Because it is a practice, I decided to use only one leaf per flower.

The purpose of the practice scarf was to get my skills fine tuned for the final project, for which I already have flowers and buds.

The vine was crocheted double-stranding the sport yarns together. The vine is thinner than I would normally make because I was running out of green yarn; I usually try for a three edge vine, but while I was working, I started to think of a crochet i-cord.

The Scarf

Dimensions: approximately 72 x 3 inches
Destination: El Segundo Slipt Stitchers Charities

The Yarns

Super Yarn Mart! Petite Americanana
Color: 930 Kelly 14; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 2, Sport

LeeWards Sport Yarn
Color: 3036 Baby Green; Content: 100% DuPont Orlon Wintuk; Weight: 2, Sport

Unknown Pinks
Color: Unknown; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: 4, Worsted

Hooker Notes

On The Hook: February 2, 2020-April 9, 2020
Crochet Hook Size: US G Hook

Blood And Roses

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