Pack It Up

Pack It Up

The Name

Pack It Up by Pretenders

What better title for a bag.

The Bag

Dimensions: Base: 9 x 6 inches; Height: 11 inches
Pattern: Angela’s Fabulous Felted Bag by Angela
Needle Size: US 8 Needle
Made For: Hooker Leo

I finally had felting success with this bag. The secret is making sure the item is on the bottom of the wash basin so it is right on top of the agitator. I also added half a load of laundry, including a pair of blue jeans.

As for the construction: I ran out of natural-colored wool, so I could not complete the pattern, but one would never know. As for the grey at the top: I used a double-stranded sport weight, which apparently is thicker than the worsted weight alone. This was a little surprise to me; I had figured two strands of sport weight (yarn weight number 2) would equal one strands of worsted (yarn weight number 4).

I do like the shape of this bag, but still not a fan of the base model. I would like something with less of a base, almost like a crescent-shaped, or sea-shell-shaped bag.

The Yarns

Pomfret Mark II
Color: Cambridge Heather; Content: 100% Pure Virgin Wool; Weight: Sport Weight

Malabrigo Worsted
Color: Navidad; Content: 100% Merino Wool; Weight: Worsted Weight

Unknown Natural (2)
Color: Unknown; Content: natural fibers, per burn test; Weight: Unknown

Pack It Up

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