The Man They Love To Hate: Cast On

The Man They Love To Hate will be a knit scarf for a dear friend of mine whom I shared a mutual dislike of upon our first introduction. Getting sober together brought us close and now we still maintain a California-New York relationship sixteen years now.

I was going to try double knitting to increase my skill set and guard against dementia, but most of the Ravelry projects I saw were two color projects. This does not really warrant double knitting in my mind. I suppose it’s similar to brioche which I have tried and loved the result. I even have brioche book, but I am not a reader.

I confirmed blue as the color of choice, but he did not indicate hue, so I sent him pictures of what I had on hand. Now let me tell you a little something about my friend: it is very important that items he possesses must be of the highest quality and be reputably desired brands. So I searched for wools, I had on hand. While the Red Heart is not a natural fiber, I included for color choice. Which do you think he chose?

Click an image for enlargement.

He chose the Patons Moorland. Great! DK Weight. Now I really need to bulk up the scarf. I just knit one for my pharmacist using Rowan Kid Classic, which is classified as Aran Weight on Ravelry and suggests an US 8-9 needle, but I thought it was more of a DK. I guess the brushing adds bulk, though, the scarf came out pretty light. Lighter than I would’ve like for a gentleman.

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