The Man They Love To Hate

The Man They Love To Hate

The Name

The Man They Love To Hate by The Stranglers

So I met Andrew in Alcoholics Anonymous. My first impression was that he was a “fag,” with his bleach blond hair and pretentiousness. Basically, I hated him. Later on when we became friends, he told me that he had hated me by my first impression. As far as what is said in AA, I believe we are two sides of the same coin and our dislike of each other was what we disliked in ourselves.

The Scarf

Dimensions: approximately 72 x 6.5 inches

Because Andrew is pretentious, I knew whatever I was going to make for him had to be pure wool. What he doesn’t know is that the wool I used has probably been in mine, as well as someone else’s stash for over 15 years. It’s still good and it has found a project.

I hand washed with Woolite and it is a little softer, and very much relaxed showing the textural chevron pattern.

Hooker Notes

On The Needles: June 26-July 3, 2020
Pattern: Simple Chevron Pattern Scarf by Mónika M.
Needle Size: US 9 Needle

The Yarn

Patons Moorland
Color: 6628; Content: 100% Wool; Weight: DK Weight

I double-stranded the yarn because it felt to flimsy for a scarf, especially for someone living in Albany, New York. I liked the feeling much better. I figured DK weight is equal to yarn weight 3, so 3 + 3 + 6, which is super bulky. I knew a US 13 needle was going to be too big so I tried US 11 needle. Still too big, so I went down to a US 9 needle and voila!

The Man They Love To Hate


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