Wrong Way

Wrong Way

The Name

Wrong Way by Sublime

I chose this song title as this is the first skully I have crocheted bottom-up. Crown-down still rules in my universe for crochet skully methods.

The Skully

On The Hook: July 4, 2020
Dimensions: 12-inch height by 9-inch diameter
Size: Adult Regular
Pattern: The Tempest Beanie by Amy Hanna of Above the Clouds Crochet
Hook Size: US I Hook & US J Hook
Made For: El Segundo Slipt Stitchers charities

OMG! The pattern starts out with a foundation half double crochet (FHDC). As I am trying to learn, I went with it. I managed to accomplish it with ease. Crocheting, the brim first with the US I Hook, alternating front and back post double crochets (FPDC & BPDC). Everything was fine until she asks for half double crochets in double crochet fourth loops. FOURTH LOOP!? I had a problem identifying the loops with continuity, but managed to get it eventually. Then third loop half double crochets. Aiyaa!

The pattern ends with sixty-two stitches that she suggests be cinched with a long tail. I don’t think so; that is too pedestrian for me, so I started decreasing with third loop half doubles. The beanie ended up being a slouch skully.

Adult regular fits my 23-inch sized head. Just learned FHDC provides for more stretch.

The Yarn

Unknown multicolor (Wine, Teal, Cream, Grey) yarn that I am guessing is Universal Classic Shades. I went to their website, but don’t see the color listed. Then again, it could be another brand. I am pretty sure it is a worsted weight, but the content has me perplexed. I did not perform a burn test, but when I was pulling the tail to close the crown, the yarn separated, which is usually a characteristic of wool.

Wrong Way
“End of the pattern, not the skully.

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