Prince Charming: Charting

Damask Chart Asset
courtesy Pinterest

Very happy that this song title is available for this project as he was my inspiration for this blanket scarf.

At first I found out what that pattern I want is named: damask; all this time I thought it was baroque. Next, I set to converting an image into a chart/grid. What a painstaking path. In the middle, I thought to search “double knit damask chart.” I found the following patten which I am already preparing for tiling.

My problem is that between the yellow stitches is 105 and between the green lines is 53.┬áThe reason this is a problem is that based on my last blanket scarf – Respect – that was not double knit, I had cast on 72 inches for a perfect eighteen-inch width. But that was just regular knit, not double knit. I am hoping to use the same yarn for this project: Fair Isle Liberty. I am afraid double knit is too much and will add unnecessary bulk.

So now I either end up with a skinner scarf – approximately 12-inch wide…Not! – or a very heavy scarf with an approximate width of 24 inches. I just calculated my yarn for this project at 1,412 yards per color – I’ll only be using two colors, so I think I have enough either way.

Might a double knit, aran weight blanket scarf with estimated measurements of 96 x 18 be too thick and heavy?

Prince Charming

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