Prince Charming: Swatch 2

Prince Charming

Right Side?I made another design to further my double knitting skills. I think I have the holding of the yarn down. Need to do another swatch to test.

Another thing I’d like to address is tension. This one swatch was knit with worsted weight acrylic scraps on a US 6 needle and I still got the same tension – at least it appears that way to me. Hold on, let me get a second opinion real quick. So second opinion says the first swatch, knit on US 9 needle feels thicker. Certainly, swatch two, on US 6 needle is smaller. My knitting just does not look as smooth as others I’ve seen.

Swatch three will be knit on US 3 needle!

I can’t remember which sides is supposed to be the right/wrong side; the wider lower dark blue margin above has me confused.

Oh! And the best part: only two mistakes! Only one of which is doubled; how’d did one mistake get doubled (on both sides) while the other did not?

Prince Charming
Wrong Side?

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