How Bizarre

The Name

How Bizarre by OMC

I really wanted to name this A Deeper Shade of Soul, but that name was already taken; coincidentally, on another manual ombre hat. While typing this post I realize “how bizarre” that a toddler had should fit an adult male head.

How Bizarre

The Skully

According to Heart Hook Home, a six-inch crown should fit a “Toddler.” Well, it also fits my 23-inch circumference head also. So, where is the error? I tried contacting the author, but was unsuccessful finding a method of contact.

No matter, I have another source: The Crochet Crowd also has a hat sizing-reference chart with the same information. This chart has an author’s name attached, so I went to Ravelry and searched for Jeanne. Having found her I have sent her to emails now: one to question the chart, and one to inquire regarding measurements.

How Bizarre

Hooker Notes

On The Hook: August 18-19, 2020

Crochet Hook Size: US I/9 – EUR 5.5 mm

Stitch: Half Double Crochet

Made For: Hooker Leo

How Bizarre

The Yarn

Fair Isle Liberty (Colors: Vanilla, Walnut, Coffee and Black; Content: 100% Acrylic; Weight: Aran)

This is leftovers from Respect. I still have five skeins of each color, plus the grey I ordered but did not use. That’s when happens when you are not good at estimating. No worry! It will be used, either for my own blanket scarf or for charity.

This yarn is so lusciously squishy; I love it!

How Bizarre

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