Remember Me: The Beginning

It all started with my desire to watch Coco on November 1, El Día de Los Muertos; I could not because it was no longer available on Netflix…curses Disney.

All that coincided with this humungous hand wound ball of rainbow gradient yarn. I started knitting it up in a 3 x 3 row alternating rib scarf, which really defracted the normal pooling of this yarn…a bit too much. Frogged it and started thinking tapestry crochet, forgetting I’ve only worked one-direction. Well, let’s see how it goes.

Design, design, design…

Working with two white sport weight, double-stranded and the multicolor is rough going and look at all those tails. First thought: I don’t have to place calaveras successively; I could stagger them, or even better yet, make only one more for the other side of the scarf. Second thought: I couldn’t rightly crochet over all those tails without notice. Then again, I could use them as pockets on a scarf, knitting the scarf to make the unknown yarn quantity go a bit further and for a long enough scarf, hid the tails within the inside pocket and running stitch the pockets on; who would notice with all that color going on, right?

Remember Me

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