It all began as a kid (circa 1977), sitting next to grandma during Sunday visits, and expressing an interest in crochet. She taught me, but as I grew into my teen years, I had other things — not necessarily good things — on my mind, and my interest waned. About 2004, I started a job that required a four hour commute – both ways – and needed something to occupy my time on the train. I went over to Walmart and bought myself a hook and some yarn and I have been crocheting ever since.

Fiber arts became my murder therapy at the beginning of my sober life and continue to serve the same purpose for an entirely alternate and invisible illness.

Seeking like-minded humans, I strived to start a local stitch ‘n’ bitch. My first attempt was Culver City Hookers, which lasted about a month. In September 2010, I founded the Playa Vista Yarn Crafters under the auspices of the Playa Vista Library. In April 2011, after Mojo’s – my muse – crocheted dog sweaters lost their shape, I decided to learn how to knit and I am enjoying that as well. In 2013 the Playa Vista Yarn Crafters became One Skein Short of an Afghan, which disbanded in November 2016.

AHookersWorld is the continuation of my fiber arts journey from 2006.


E: ahookersworld@gmail.com
T: +1 310 7545 739