Leo ''n' Mojo

Hooker Leo

It all began as a kid (circa 1977), sitting next to grandma ❤ ❤ ❤ during Sunday visits, and expressing an interest in crochet. She taught me, starting with the chain by finger, then introducing the hook. The next thing I remember, I was double crocheting, fussy that each one looked as nice and neat as the one before, but struggling with tension. After that it was granny square-a-mania to the point I lost interest.

About this time I was struggling with a big secret – No! Not that I could crochet, silly! 😀 – and growing into a young adult with other things — not necessarily good things — on my mind, so my interest waned. About 2004, I started a job that required a four-hour commute – each way! – and needed something to occupy my time on the train. I went over to Walmart and bought myself a hook and some yarn and I have been crocheting ever since.

Fiber arts became my murder therapy at the beginning of my sober life and continues to serve the same purpose. Seeking like-minded humans, I strived to start a local stitch ‘n’ bitch. My first attempt was Culver City Hookers, which lasted about a month. In September 2010, I founded the Playa Vista Yarn Crafters under the auspices of the Playa Vista Library. In April 2011, after Mojo’s – my muse ❤ – crocheted dog sweaters lost their shape, I decided to learn how to knit and I am enjoying that as well. In 2013 the Playa Vista Yarn Crafters became One Skein Short of an Afghan, which disbanded in November 2016.

Currently, I am conducting a monthly sit ‘n’ stitch: One Skein Short, monthly, outdoors on my patio. A Hooker’s World, has gone out of business, though I continue to crochet/knit, daily. While most of my projects end up going to charity, I do take special requests.

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