Stairway To Heaven: Frogged

Relieved to frogged Stairway To Heaven, though alternating color rows does make more of a challenge.

So, now what? My first thought is garter on bigger needles, because size two was taking forever.

Another thing to consider…two different weights; one is finer than the other. Do I separate or work together? After making several scarfs from yarn remnants of different weights, having to guess due to no labels, I am hesitant to use two different weights together.

Too many questions; not enough answers.

I showed my mom, who is very familiar with fabrics. I asked her what she thought of the fabric of Stairway To Heaven before I frogged it; I was surprised to hear her say she thought it was fine. To me, it seemed a little rough. Go figure.

International Bright Young Thing: Frogged

I finally reached my tipping point and frogged International Bright Young Thing.

  1. When I took it off the needles, the biggest infraction was the double-knitting, which affected the border due to halving the number of stitches because I wanted only yarn A on the outside.
  2. While the shawl was on the needles, I could not see the lavender, which is clearly seen in this picture.
  3. I was not happy with the way the spine was working up with the double-knitting
  4. Finally, I did not know how big the shawl was. My original goal was 600 stitches; I ended up at 400.

I think I am going to try it again, but using a rib or stockinette – despite my loathing of blocking – to try and disrupt the striping more, and remove the lavender, which I can use with a darker lavender for the next shawl, which must be crocheted!

International Bright Young Thing
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