Mind Blown

Crochet! MagazineThe primary reason for this post was to make a snarky remark about how hookers are always ahead of their time a la Felix The Cat Cowl, November 2017. Evidenced by this magazing cover of Crochet! Autumn 2018

Well, when I began the post, my mind went in another – more therapeutic – direction and now I am convinced that A Hooker’s World may be coming to an end. The worst part is coming up with a new website identity. Then again, there is the adage: if the shoe fits…!

Then there are issues with those that don’t know this side of me and my fear of offending…NO! That’s not what my crusade is about…REUNIFICATION!

This is a tough one…good thing I am seeing my psychologist today. I’ll have to get back to you.




ODDBALLS Giving Back To The Environment

ODDBALLS Giving Back To The Environment

It’s official!

ODDBALLS – a division of A Hooker’s World – has found and chosen Container Recycling Institute – a local environmental charity – to receive twenty percent of all proceeds from the ODDBALLS sales line.

This decision was inspired by A Hooker’s World’s recent affiliation with Neighbors by Design, whose¬†mission is to use the resources of our community by recycling and creating products made out of materials that otherwise would end up in the landfill. To that end, the ODDBALLS line of handmade fiber items shall be composed of scraps/leftovers from whole projects, unidentifiable fibers; all of which shall be¬†“up-cycled” into new practical items. Attempts will be made – via burn test – to determine if unidentifiable fibers are natural or man-made.

“A Hooker’s World is proud to support Neighbors by Design’s innovative and much needed idea to save the environment for future generations. They challenged us to see what more we could do and “LIGHTBULB!” How about giving back to the environment? Hence our decision to donate twenty percent of all proceeds from the ODDBALLS line to Container Recycling Institute.”